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"You don't rise to the occasion...
you fall to your level of your preparation."

OUR Misson

The Gryphon Performance Academy is a true Academy in the sense that we're an inclusive place of learning and training. Our focus is on the long-term athletic development of our partners. Using an evidence-based approach to development we address the holistic needs of individuals by educating them on the "WHY's" behind what we do and how to maximize their return on investment of their efforts through appropriate injury prevention methods, nutrition, recovery and mental preparation. 


Our Mission is to use our expertise and experience to help guide each of our partners on their own unique athletic development journey to reach the goals they have set out. We prepare the individual for the future by building habits that will serve them in sport and beyond. 


The GPA is driven by our 5 Gryphon Values:

CARING: We genuinely care about our partners. Mentally. Physically. Emotionally. Your complete well-being is our top priority. 


DETERMINED: We are determined to help you achieve your goals and require your effort and great attitude. 


RESPECTFUL: Our community is inclusive, accepting and accountable. 
We respect our partners, our community and our facility and expect the same in return.  


ENGAGED: We are engaged in the process of your development and require our partners to be as well. 

AUTHENTIC: We embrace the individual differences among our staff and partners, choosing to create an environment

where everyone can be their authentic selves.  


Contact us

The Gryphon Performance Academy is located in the historic wing of the Guelph Gryphons Athletics Centre

50 Stone Road E. Guelph ON 

Phone: 519-824-4120 ex. 56253 //


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